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AudioDrums: Yearbook Photo


Cougar Microbes Introducing: Yearbook Photo


Purple Melon UK: Yearbook Photo featured


We Found New Music: Yearbook Photo


Born Music Online: Yearbook Photo 


Aside/Beside single review, Yearbook Photo


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Spreading The Seed: Yearbook Photo


Salacious Sound Yearbook Photo review


When The Wind Blows track review: Yearbook Photo


Never Enough Notes: 20 Fresh Tracks Playlist: Yearbook Photo


Abduction Radiation: Late Cambrian - Yearbook Photo feature


Alfitude: Yearbook Photo (Cutie Indie)


Independent Clauses: Mid February Mp3s w/ Yearbook Photo


Powerpopaholic: Late Cambrian - Yearbook Photo


Ourstage Blog: Introducing Yearbook Photo by Late Cambrian


Being Blogged (Swedish Music Blog): Yearbook Photo review


Deli Magazine Exclusive: Yearbook Photo


Remy's Music and Film: Yearbook Photo review


Indie Trendsetters: First Listen - Yearbook Photo


AlexRainBird Track Premiere: Yearbook Photo


Indietronica - Yearbook Photo: Single Premiere


Milk Crater: Golden Time feature


Monkeys Fighting Robots: Interview with Late Cambrian


Black On The Canvas: Interview and Photo Shoot


2013 - 2015


Powerpopaholic names Golden Time a Top 10 album of 2015


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Blazing Minds: "Late Cambrian - Golden Time (Album Review)" (September 22, 2014)


Music Emissions: "Late Cambrian - Golden Time" (September 20, 2014)


Remy's Music & Film Blog: "Introducing Brooklyn Band, Late Cambrian's New Album, 'Golden Time' & Irish Tour" (September 14, 2014) 


Indie Music Review: "Late Cambrian - Golden Time" (September 10, 2014)


Vents Magazine: "CD Review: Peach by Late Cambrian" (September 8, 2014)


AllWhatsRock: Reviews, "Late Cambrian - Peach" (September 8, 2014)


Indie Artists Alliance: "Late Cambrian - Peach" (September 8, 2014)


Rock N' Roll View: "Late Cambrian drop album", Peach LP Review (September 8, 2014)


The Indiependent: "Album Review: Golden Time // Late Cambrian" (September 7, 2014)


The Deli Magazine: "Best Emerging NYC Artists 2014" (Issue #38, Volume 2, Spring 2014)


The Deli Magazine Online: "Late Cambrian is The Deli Readers' Best Band of 2013!" (February 4, 2014)


Mice and Cheese; "Late Cambrian - Peach" (October 7, 2013)


OurStage; Plugged In: "Late Cambrian: OurStage Artist of the Week" (October 22, 2013)


Unsigned Bands Online (UK); Bringing Tomorrow's Music, Today!: "Late Cambrian - Peach Album" (August 22, 2013)


The Wall Breakers; Brooklyn Art, Pop Culture & Inspiration: "Late Cambrian: The Next Great Brooklyn Indie Alternative Rock Band" (August 18, 2013)


Roth N Roll; Music Reviews from Sweden: "Reviews: Late Cambrian - Peach" (July 26, 2013); Daily Indie Music News from Indiana: "Artist Spotlight Review: Late Cambrian, 'Peach'" (July 10, 2013)


Power Popaholic; Power Pop News & Opinion: "Power Pop Review: Late Cambrian 'Peach'" (June 11, 2013)


Previous Magazine; British Technology, Software, Music, Fashion and Art magazine.: "Late Cambrian - PEACH Review" (June 6, 2013)


The Ringmaster Review; UK Blog/Podcast: "Late Cambrian - Peach" (April 21, 2013)


Hopeless Thunder; NYC Music Blog: "Album Review: Late Cambrian: 'Peach'" (April 17, 2013)


All Age Media; News, Reviews and Niche Subjects: "Review: Late Cambrian - Peach" (April 11, 2013)


Captain Sib; Music podcast from Scotland, UK: "Album Review: Late Cambrian - Peach" (April 2013)